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Today is It's Day 1.

We identify viable paths to wonderful business in a world of new normals and manage the process to get there.

Day 1 service founders, owners and entrepreneurs on their critical business agendas. Our clients are a blend of startups, scaleups and mature companies.

Day 1 is a general business philosophy derived from and inspired by successful disruptive startups.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon All-Hands, Q&A, March 2017:

“What does day 2 look like?
Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance.
Followed by excruciating, painful decline.
Followed by death.
And that is why it is always Day 1.”

The Day 1 philosophy can be summarized in the following five tenets:


We're not your typical management consultant. We're entrepreneurs and business owners. We won't hand you a presentation and tell you to do the work. We will challenge your thinking and back up our arguments with evidence from the marketplace. Once a path has been identified we will see it through to completion. As a consequence, our client relationships tend to be multi-year.

We keep things dead simple. Simple agreements. No red tape. We started Day 1 to create the consulting service we wish we could have used ourselves.

We love working with entrepreneurs on innovation. It takes one to know one. We love to learn new things and manage complex processes. The more cutting-edge technology that must form part of the future roadmap, the more we will love working on the assignment and finding a viable business path. From brick and mortar to digital? Cool. Global cloud? Better. IoT and sensors? Great! Machine learning and AI? Now we're talking!

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